Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kaci's Story

Here's a final story to wrap up National Foster Care Month! Thanks so much to the families who shared  some of their reflections and experiences with us!

At the heart of National Foster Care Month is this truth—every child deserves a permanent connection to a caring adult. Kids in foster care need to know they have someone who cares about them and will stick with them through one of the toughest times in their life, no matter what. Kaci's words shine when she writes "I would never ever ever change being your foster parent."

Kaci's Story

Why I foster:
I believe.
I believe in you.
I believe healing can happen in your heart.
I believe a story is being written in your life and you should never be ashamed of that story.   
You, my Mr. Man, captured my heart the first time I met you.  Your absolutely caring heart.  Your desire to be a gentleman.  Your love for learning.
You, my Miss Magoo, captured my heart the first time I met you. Your silly personality.  Your always laughing spirit.  Your sweet cuddles while you listen to stories read. 
There are hard times. 
Times when your sad looks mad. 
Times when your scared looks crazy. 
Times of tears. 
Times of heartache. 
But the times of hope outshine these.  The times when glimpses of healing bring tears of joy.    
I would never ever ever change being your foster parent.  Never.
I believe in you.

I believe.

- Kaci


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