Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rebecca's Story

We're entering the last week of National Foster Care Month, and we'll have several stories to share with you this week! Over the past few years, we've asked families to share their "I Did It" reason, which is to answer the question "Why did you become a foster parent?" 

People embark on the journey of foster parenting for many diverse reasons. Here are Rebecca's - thank you Rebecca!

Rebecca's Story  

My husband and I have two beautiful children.  Amaiah was adopted through an agency, and Trent was adopted through the foster care system.

We did it because he needed a home, love and support. 

We did it because he deserves a loving family.

We did it because we had room in our heart to love another child.

We did it because every child deserves to have a family and someone to believe in them.

We have also fostered several children, and we will continue to do this in the future. 

We did it because the children needed us, and we will do it again.

We did it because we believe family is important.

We did it because we have the love to give and we always will.


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