Thursday, May 30, 2013

Susan's Story

We did a National Foster Care Month radio interview this week where the host asked us, "So, are there any common misconceptions about teens in foster care?" 

Why, yes indeed, there certainly are! His perceptive question let us talk about how teens aren't placed into foster care due to any fault of their own, but how many have experienced abuse or neglect and a lack of stability in their lives. These teens can end up carrying a heavy burden of feeling "unwanted" when what they really need is a supportive and caring adult to stick with them through one of the toughest times in their life.

Susan makes a beautiful point in her reflection below when it comes to fostering teens: "If not me, then who?"

Susan's Story

There are many reasons to foster teens. These children will be the next leaders of this country. The things we teach them during these important years can help them to overcome many of the past issues they have experienced. Then, they can not only lead productive adult lives, but can also share their love and help with other teens some day.

I  won't tell you it's an easy job to have a houseful of teens. I have three teen girls in my home. There are dramas, normal girl issues and many trauma issues as well. They have been through so much by the time we get them at this age.

If we each could foster only one teen and help them to grow into the amazing person they are meant to be, just think of how many amazing people there would be!  Why foster teens? If everyone left it up to somebody else, who would do it?  If not me, then who?

- Susan 


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