Friday, April 1, 2011

Fist Pump Friday

Happy Friday! 

As we close out the week, here's a few things that got us talking this week. They definitely deserve a fist pump!

Community graduation party for teens. Will you be attending a graduation open house this spring for friends or family? What if there was a whole group of students who graduated and never had a party or acknowledgment of their achievement? A  group of folks in Cedar Valley is making sure all foster youth in their area get to celebrate! You're invited to come encourage youth earning their diplomas and G.E.Ds. See more.

Great foster parent stories. To be a successful foster parent, you need patience, flexibility and a willingness to be part of a team (among other things!). I heard a powerful story this week about all three, as a family who initially became licensed intending to adopt later changed their perceptions about how how their family could help others. They've since become involved in foster parenting and helping birth families. In a twist, they may end up adopting after all, as one of their youth may need an adoptive home. It's great to see families discover new strengths.

Waiting child stories. It is always a good moment when we receive a request to remove a child from the Iowa KidsNet photolistings. This means potential adoptive homes or a permanent connection to a supportive, caring adult has been identified. Meet other Iowa children still waiting for this permanent support.

Iowa Aftercare Services Network. In all 99 counties, Iowa youth aging out of foster care can connect with the Iowa Aftercare Services Network to be assigned a self-sufficiency advocate and learn more about available support as they transition to young adulthood. See this week's news story highlighting this important resource!

What in your life deserves a fist pump this week?


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