Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Codi's Story

Over the last few weeks, we've asked Iowa families who have adopted from foster care to send us some of their stories and reflections on what foster care adoption means to them.

We're excited to share those with you this November for National Adoption Month! Here's a terrific one to kick off our series, written by an Iowa eighth-grader who was adopted from foster care last month.

Codi's Story

"Hi, I'm Codi. I've actually had plenty of families. The day I was born, I was sent to my first foster home. About a month passed in my life before I was sent to live with one of my favorite aunts ever until I was around 4 years old and then my dad came and got me. Fast-forward through a lot more placements, now I'm in 8th grade, and I've been adopted by an amazing family whom I've come to love: Kary and Tom, Mom and Dad. Kary's always making me laugh when she talks about my relationships that really she knows nothing about; Tom's quiet and likes to read. He's very calm and usually makes jokes that I laugh at because they're so dumb :). Then there are my brothers: Avery (8), Seth (14), and Will (16). I'd say I get along with Seth the most. Through many experiences, I've become who I am today and honestly I wouldn't change a thing. I couldn't ask for anything more ..."

Codi may have an amazing adoptive family, but we're pretty sure he's an amazing kid, too. Thanks for sharing Codi!

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