Monday, November 19, 2012

"I don't want to move no more"

Iowa's waiting children are lucky to have a wonderful advocate in Iowa, Ron Steele of KWWL-TV, who has been airing stories about children who need families for over 25 years. Today's "30 Days of Adoption" story is a wonderful reflection by a family who was initially inspired to help by Ron's "Iowa's Child" segment.

"I don't want to move no more"

"We felt ourselves blessed when our biological son was born into our family 10 years ago.  However, we knew that having a second child would not be an option for us.  When he was 3, we started learning more about foster care as we began to research Iowa's Child on KWWL.  Wouldn't providing a home to a child be a great opportunity for us?

As we began doing foster care we quickly discovered this wasn't about us.  This was about children.  They were in need of love and a safe home.  What an impact each child has had on us.

Our biological son was 5 when our two adopted sons (2 and 4 years old at the time) came into our home. We adopted them 9 months later during National Adoption Month.  The judge said we'd be back - apparently he knew more then than we did.  

The boys had two older biological sisters whom we were asked if we could also foster.  Our first inclination was to say no, we have to think about the boys who are now part of our family and we couldn't possibly care for two more children.  The girls came for a visit and all seemed right.  They needed to be together.  They needed to be part of a family with their brothers and we needed them to balance, what I call blood (boys) and drama (girls). It actually wasn't more difficult to care for the additions. Instead, it was a great fit for all.  The clincher was the note we found that our oldest daughter wrote.  It read, "Thank you God for my live that I have.  But, I have to move alot and it was not fun for me.  But I can't stop moving.  But, I don't want to move no more.  Amen."
Together we make a family.  Life certainly has its ups and downs, but we wouldn't change how our family was created.  We have a daughter who has a smile that never quits and an aspiration to own a bakery (also means she loves to help in the kitchen).  A son who knows more about technology and how to manipulate mom than most of us will ever know.  Another daughter who takes time to watch the butterflies while she is playing a ball game and, of course, makes sure we notice.  Another son whom we may never figure out, quiet, smart, and very athletic.  And last, but certainly not least is our youngest child, he knows how to put a smile on your face.  However, being the youngest means he also takes absolutely no responsibility for anything.  Life is good!"

(This family would like to remain anonymous.)


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