Thursday, November 22, 2012

Randall, Steven and Daniel's Stories

Happy Thanksgiving! For today's National Adoption Month series, we have powerful reminders from three children, all who were adopted by the same family, about what it means to be thankful for family.

My Family is the Best

My mom is the best cook.
My dad is the best Nerf gun shooter.
My brother Steven is the best bike rider.
My brother Daniel is the best swimmer.
and I am the best diver.

I love my mom,
my dad,
my brothers
and my cousins.
We are the Best Family

My life was not always the best.
I had to move around a lot.
My first family could not take good care of me.
I had to be in foster care.
I Hated That!

I miss my first family.
I miss my sister from foster care.

My forever family is so nice to me.
I love my forever family,
My mom,
My dad,
And my brothers.

We Are The Best Family!!!

- Written by Randall, at age 7

My Early Years

"My terrifying early years. I was born in the year 2000 (that was in the 20th century in case you didn't know) in Winchester, Virginia, at Winchester Region Hospital. I am not aware of what time I was born because I no longer living with my birth parents. When I was 20 months old, my older brother Randy and I were taken away because of neglect. I spent the next few years in foster care. I moved 10 times within 2 years. When I was 4, I was placed with my current family Joy and Brian Linn.

When we came to live with the Linns, they had a little toddler who was also from foster care. They also had a teenage girl who was also in foster care. I was very hard to adjust at first, because I was scared I would have to move again. But the Linns became my forever family. Today I really enjoy playing sports and spending time with my family."

- Written by Steven, age 12

Why I Want a Foster Sister

"Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am 10 years old. I like playing with Legos, playing on the computer and watching TV. My brothers like to play sports all the time. I sometimes get bored playing sports with them. They are more into sports than I am. I would really like to have a foster sister to play with. I think having a foster sister would be fun. I will play with her and I will tell her about the Bible. I would always be kind to her. I could push her stroller when we go on walks. I will help her buckle her seatbelt and I will hold her hand when we cross the street. I will comfort her if she was sad. I know what it is like to not be with my birth parents. I will try to help her feel better. I will struggle up with her and give her one of my stuffed animals. I will try to cheer her up by acting crazy and making her laugh. I think people should be foster parents because then your kids will have friends to play with. Foster children should have nice homes with good foster parents. It is hard being away from your birth parents but having good foster parents makes it easier."

- Written by Daniel, age 10


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