Friday, November 16, 2012

Michelle's Story

Congratulations to all the families adopting this weekend at Iowa Adoption Day events in Council Bluffs, Davenport, Des Moines, Ottumwa, Sioux City, Waterloo and Webster City! For today's National Adoption Month series, here's a lovely reflection from a mother about what her daughters thought about Adoption Day.

Michelle's Story

Our adoption day was extremely special. I had always wanted to have a big family with lots of children. My daughter had wanted a sister as long as I can remember. We were so excited to be able to welcome two sweet little girls into our family. Jayden became the middle child with a sister 14 months older and a sister 14 months younger. We first met the girls by doing respite for them. After being at our house each weekend for a couple months they moved in with us. I told the lawyer that my daughter really wanted to be adopted before her birthday.  Luckily we were able to do it on her birthday making it a special day she will always remember. 

The girls loved adoption day. They all wore matching dresses and sandals. They wanted to have a similar connection in their new names so they all have Sky in their middle names.  All of their names also start with J which they love. I now have Jacquelyn (Jacquee) Skye, Jayden (JJ) Skyanne, and Jocelyn (Jocee) Skyla. The girls love their new names and the meanings behind them.  Jacquelyn means protector - I told her she was receiving that name because she did a great job protecting her baby sister through the hard times. Jocelyn means joyful and lighthearted. I chose that name because she is always so happy and such a goofball despite all the trauma she has experienced.    

I asked the girls what they would like to share about adoption day. Jacquelyn wanted to share some of the things she said on the stand. The three girls took the stand together and were able to talk at court. They really enjoyed this part. Jacquelyn said thank you to me for taking such good care of her and her sister.  hen she thanked Jayden there was not a dry eye in the room. She thanked her not just for sharing her toys and her house and being such a great sister, but for sharing her mom.  

Jayden wants to tell everyone how great it is to adopt siblings. She absolutely adores her new sisters and is so happy they will be ours forever. She has such a tender heart and misses children immensely when they return home. Jocelyn wants to share that she is so happy to be safe and to be in a family that loves her and that she can still see her biological siblings. Jocee’s favorite part of adoption day was getting to bang the hammer and make it official. We went to Build-a-Bear after the adoption was final and all of the girls adopted a bear.

I would encourage people to do foster care and adoption. It is so rewarding to make a difference in the life of a child. Even in the heartbreak you feel in the absence of a child when they leave, it is still worth it to know that you have given them love and a foundation to grow on. Whether caring for children through foster care or adoption, you will be blessed by the love you share. Children come with broken hearts and worries. Our love and attention is a healing balm to their injured souls. We are the providers of hope and love. You can never help another without also helping yourself. You will be blessed.  

- Michelle


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